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MedVR Education

MedVR Ed is an online XR training platform for healthcare professionals. It offers off-the-shelf VR training solutions to online schools, universities, training institutes and hospitals. Learners can access and engage in fully immersive VR training programs to perform tasks and practice skills and concepts as many times as desired. Once confident of the process, learners can switch to the assessment mode to perform procedures independently and test their own knowledge and preparedness. The platform enables monitoring and assessing performances of individual users and helps generate personalized feedback and performance metrics. This further helps in facilitating a guided self-assessment of tasks performed and suggests necessary areas of improvement.

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XR Solutions

ELDC immersive learning solutions provide the freedom to practice skills in risk-free environments helping turn mistakes into learning opportunities. Interactions in the immersive environment are purposefully designed and developed using a unique and robust 3D pipeline, giving learners a realistic immersive experience. This includes cognitively authentic context, content and activities that are meaningful to learners.

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XR Platform

Access and distribute all XR applications across multiple endpoints to over thousands of users and devices with a cloud-based platform that is easy to use and completely adaptable to client-specific needs. Connect an existing LMS via xAPI and customize reporting tools as per requirement. Create and manage user profiles with ease and generate candidate-specific competency-based feedback and suggestion.

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3D Demonstrations

3D experiences provide enhanced understanding of complex issues where learning takes place through observation and investigation rather than by instruction. This unique learning method presents holistic views of environments, images and objects that can be observed in 3D detail from every angle. Fully interactive and immersive learning environments create engaging experiences that guarantee a greater level of participation and comprehension.

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Virtual Humans

Leveraging the power of AI technology and computer graphics and with the knowledge of subject matter experts, ELDC provides experiential learning using Virtual Humans in various simulated environments. These Virtual Humans are designed to connect with real people in powerful, meaningful, and complex ways.

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Witness cutting-edge solutions in the field of online learning. Explore highly captivating and engaging learning solutions that encourage learners to put knowledge to practical use. Educational institutions, eLearning providers or learning and development divisions of the corporate world - experience result-oriented innovative methods in eLearning for every requirement.

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3D Modeling

Education, military, manufacturing units, architecture, advertising, aviation, government, scientific researches . . . the list is endless and so are the possibilities. Custom-specialized 3D models can be created with reference to images, sketches or even personal concepts.

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Get the added talent resource to fill in the gaps

The success of any project is directly proportional to the size and quality of the team. New project phases may mean new resource allocation. Our IT staffing service aims at fulfilling this requirement for team expansion to assist in timely development and delivery of products.  This extended team will work as part of your home team and attend all daily briefs, provide regular updates and report to your project manager as any other team member. Meeting your project requirements is our priority.

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Why Us?

Transforming online learning by bringing immersive ways of teaching

ELearning Design Center (ELDC) is a technology focused company founded with the vision to transform online learning experiences by implementing immersive methods of learning. With its own immersive architecture, ELDC helps create scalable and photorealistic interactive eLearning solutions enriched with physics-based interactions. This architecture helps implement real-world tasks in virtual environments and is complemented by its immersive eLearning solutions, XR content and simulations. While ELDC strives to deliver the best solutions it also assures scalability and affordability to help make immersive learning methods accessible to a larger audience.

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Virtual Humans

AR/VR/3D Environments

2D/3D Demonstrations

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Immersive Learning

Use a combination of engaging stories, gaming features, captivating graphics, lively animations, particles, and other audio-visual techniques for an immersive experience in the virtual world.

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