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AI-based virtual humans are designed to look and behave like real people.

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Photorealistic Virtual Humans

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Our virtual environments, games, and VR training programs use photorealistic AI-based virtual humans which help improve critical thinking, knowledge acquisition, and clinical decision-making skills. These virtual humans look, communicate, and behave like real people. This immersive training approach has demonstrated a positive impact in areas of patient safety, leadership development, sales enablement, and customer service.

Natural language processing

Branching Conversation

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Customized Characters

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Use our AI-based photorealistic virtual humans in your AAA games, VR training, healthcare simulations, and product animations. Our characters are fully rigged, game engine ready, and optimized for VR projects. They listen, make decisions, and interact in a fluid, natural way using verbal and nonverbal communication methods.


Select multiple roles and engage in a conversation to ask questions and respond to the virtual human.

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Elearning Design Center is a technology-focused company with a vision to transform online learning by bringing immersive ways of teaching. We want to make immersive learning scalable and more affordable. Our team of artists, developers and designers are always working towards making the best use of technology to build better and enhanced learning experiences. We not only deliver the best learning solutions but also assure scalability and affordability. Let's create awesome learning experiences together!

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